Publicado: mar, Sep 15th, 2015

COE-Ásatrú retires Spanish flag at the entrance of its main temple

Redacción, Barcelona.- Temple of Gaut at Navas de Jorquera, the largest temple in the category ásatrú built in the last thousand years in southern Europe, retired the Spanish flag status at their consecrated main doors, and instead of that installed the Icelandic flag. Winds of war? May be, however, the discomfort grows as a response to the nepotistic acts committed against the rights of the community, the Religious Orders and the civic rights and official decisions of the confessions.

The gesture is not trivial and becomes a response to the growing corruption in the Spanish Wikipedia, apparently a non-for-profit organization that however is still largely controlled by users whose purpose is limiting and embezzling official decisions of religious communities, carrying out campaigns of harassment to well known Asatruars with the sole premise of false arguments. The act also shows a strong response to the negation of the Spanish government to guarantee fundamental rights in practice of religious freedom in this country.


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